Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Where everybody knows your name"

That's Sam (Left Hip Boy). He's by far the reddest of the boys, so looks the most like me and therefore, the handsomest.
Before you go any further, you should listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD8ljNobUys to put you in the mood.

Secondly you may have noticed pink and blue spots on the pups. And if you are especially sharp-eyed, you may have noticed a purple mark or two. Those are marks placed there by Team Cheers to keep track of the puppies when they weigh them. I don't know why they don't just sniff them. It works for me.
Anyway, above you see a picture of Right Shoulder Girl, hereafter known as Kelly. She is the second blondest girl of the group. Also, since there are six girls in the litter, I had to dig deep into the cast list to find six girls names. Oh, and Kelly has her own song. You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hJjx7jTHA8. Here is another picture of her.
Next up is Right Hip Girl, aka Carla, also the smallest and feistiest of the girls, and always close to a bar stool at Cheers.
Below we have Right Hip Boy. He was by far the biggest boy at birth, so he had to be Norm. He is NEVER very far from his bar stool.
And of course, if you have a Norm, you must have a Cliff, formerly known as Left Shoulder Boy. He was the smallest of the boys and has tended to nurse by crawling under my chest from the front (the rest are content to come at it from the side). Given that he has his own special place with me, I must conclude that he's a momma's boy.
As I mentioned, there is one purple mark as Team Cheers was running out of obvious places to put pink nail polish. Also, in this litter, the boys are generally blonder like their dad, whereas the girls favor me and are redder. But one of the girls is really blonde, so I have been calling Purple Tail Girl Diane.
While we are on the subject of tails, Pink Tail Girl was obviously my Rebecca. Though she is the biggest of the girls, that's not why she was given the name. The reason for her name is related to her nursing habits. The best bar stools at Cheers are in the back, but Rebecca tries to get 'behind' the bar and kiss up. (That's the best way I can relate it in a G-Rated forum :). Please contact me personally if you need further clarification.
Next up is Right Shoulder-Boy, now known as Woody. He seems to like Kelly, and he is the blondest of the two remaining boys.
As I mentioned, we had to dig deep for girls names, so Left Hip Girl is Lillith. She was the second to last girl named, and Lillith was too good not to use for a name.
Lastly, Left Shoulder Girl. I was in a deep quandary about what to name her. I almost when with Robin, in honor of my sire, but Robin was a man on Cheers, and that won't do for me. So I thought some. I noticed that Left Shoulder Girl spent a lot of time under the heat lamp napping when not on her barstool. (Many of the patrons here sleep right at their barstool). That got me to thinking about characters that weren't at Cheers (the show) very much. So I am proud to present Vera.
For those of you too young to remember the show, here's what Wikipedia has to say about her:
Norm has a wife named Vera who is often mentioned but never seen. When she is finally shown, her face is covered in a thrown pie. The only other time she is seen, viewers can see only her legs.

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Speak(er) said...

Great post! I can't believe your pups are already getting their puppy fat. Keep up the good work Cheers and staff!