Friday, May 14, 2010

Bath Time!

Today is "Puppy Go" day, meaning that the puppies transistion to their foster home. We want them to look their best and make a good first impression in their new homes. We owe a special debt to the wonderful volunteers who came over today and made bath time so easy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Possibly the cutest pictures yet

While my staff was at work on Friday, some folks from Helping Paws and their entourage (including two of my former staff members) stopped by to see the puppies. As I think I mentioned before, Helping Paws employs a fantastic photographer.

The results of the photo shoot are here:

My staff and I greatly appreciate having these pictures to link to as we have been very busy this weekend with all the people that have come to visit the puppies this weekend (one even brought chocolate chip cookies, not that I got to have any) and staff has neglected to take any pictures. But these are better anyway :)

Maybe we should have saved one of those chocolate chip cookies for the Helping Paws photographer after all............