Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Closer

My staff is on pins and needles this week as my due date approaches. Technically I am due Saturday, but you never know. Last Friday I had my X-ray and the whelping box arrived and was set up. I also received numerous boxes of towels. Sorry no pictures as the camera was full of pictures of the cat and quite honestly, it didn't seem like as big a deal this time. Special thanks to our newest staff member (I call him #5) for help in setting up the whelping box. And a VERY special thanks to the Helping Paws donor that donated the laundry detergent. Puppies are messy and generate lots of laundry. In fact, staff has already been practicing their laundry drills.

You may be wondering about the lack of pictures. Well. quite frankly I am huge and don't want to be photographed. If you want to see pictures of a pregnant dog, head on over to Faith's blog :)

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Twinkietinydog said...

I bet you look gorgeous and glowing. But it's okay if you're feeling a bit self conscious. Take your time.