Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Official" Portraits

Declan-he appears to be wondering if that's how is name is really spelled. When we told him he was looking upside down he was OK with it.
Bono, who thinks he can smell food. Somewhere.

Callaghan, who as already mastered the art of the pose.

Roisin, who ultimately finds the whole portrait taking thing a huge bore.

Dara, she looks bored, but she's actually calling for her makeup assistant.

Limerick practices his wise look.

Brennan refused to have his picture taken without his friend "Hedgie" in the background on the left.

Splash looks guilty of something, doesn't he? He's not-I can assure you that he a very good puppy

Finnegan wanted to make sure that everyone saw his tongue.

Maeve with the "Are we done, cuz I'm stepping out of here" look


Anonymous said...

Looking great!

Merlot & Jack said...

Cheers, you have beautiful babies