Sunday, April 25, 2010

An eventful weekend

As the pups continue to grow and change and become more entertaining, I have found that I need to increase the activities that I plan for them. Today I told them I would take them on a field trip. What I was really going to do was take them outside for their first romp in the puppy pen. Above you see us having a "team meeting" before we go out.
Next I attempted to pick up Callaghan to take her outside. Fortunately for me, staff picked up the clue (they missed the team meeting) and took the puppies out for me.

This one is pointing-not sure what he thinks he sees. I took him aside and informed him that we were Golden RETRIEVERS, not Golden Pointers.
This being the first time outside for the puppies, there were of course lots and lots of new smells to take in. One is checking the wind, while the others investigate the scents on the ground.

Roisin stalks a dandelion while another puppy looks on.

Roison nears her prey.

Limerick runs to see what Roison has.

Sorry, no punch line-just a cute puppy face.

Here you see them demonstrating their pack behaviour as they fan out.

Callaghan posing nicely.

I have no idea what's going on her, but don't they look cute?

Bono goes off on his own to explore the wilds of the flower bed.
And of course if you are a puppy, being outside for 15 minutes is pretty heady (and tiring) stuff. So staff brought them in, and they passed out promptly, as shown below.

Splash opted for the laundry basket.

Two more passed out under the couch.

And this just about sums it up.
(NOTE-In acuality, after playing outside, the pups were placed back in the pen. However, I decided to use my artistic license and embellish the sleeping part of today's tale. The pups are never allowed to be unsupervised when they are out of the pen. The last 3 pictures are actually from the day before)


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!

Faith - Helping Paws said...

To Cheers' Staff- great pictures!

From Faith to Cheers': Yes, I am allowed on the couch when I need to get away from the puppies (in order to keep my sanity).

WorldWatch said...

Thanks for the pictures; Ben, you must have you're hands full!